Mister Nobody – Final Songs of New Album Released

It’s finally done! I have uploaded the final two songs and I am happy to say “Mister Nobody” is now in the can. As with all of my other releases, Mister Nobody is available for free downloads with a Creative Commons license.

With this project finished, I can now focus on the year ahead and the many new songs and opportunities on the horizon. Please keep an eye on these pages for further updates!

As always – thanks for listening!

Another song from “Mister Nobody” Released

Mister Nobody

“What’s Wronng With Me?” is a question I often ask myself. It’s also the title of my latest offering from “Mister Nobody.” Enjoy!

Latest Song Release from “Mister Nobody”

Here’s the latest song drop from “Mister Nobody.” Today we have the title track, along with a short “Prelude.” Enjoy!

3rd Song Release from “Mister Nobody”

Mister Nobody

Here’s my latest song from “Mister Nobody,” an acoustic blues number called “I’m Walking.” I have been writing songs for many years. This particular song goes back to my teenage years. (Yes it is old!)

2nd Song Release from “Mister Nobody”

Here’s the 2nd Song from my new release, Mister Nobody, “Trying to Do Right.”

There’s an “edited” version too, without the ambient introduction:

As with my other music, these songs are free to stream and download. More songs coming soon!

Mister Nobody Release Begins

Mister Nobody

Today brings the arrival of my new release, “Mister Nobody” This album release will be different from my past releases. The record is still a work in progress. Over the coming weeks, I will release more individual tracks until the album is complete. Like all my releases, “Mister Nobody” is available for free download and licensed through Creative Commons. One side note: A special thanks to Noel Williams for the cover photograph and Drew Dundon for the art design.

With that, I present the 1st track, “Sleeveless Heart.” More tracks will be released very soon!

Spring 2017 Update: New Songs on the Horizon

Marwood and his ES-335

Laying down tracks at Tangled Wire

Greetings! I am breaking radio silence to let you know there is much activity afoot at Tangled Wire Studio. I am in the process of putting a new group of songs together for a forthcoming album. Like most creative pursuits, these things take time. I plan on releasing some single tracks soon, which may or may not be a part of my new release. Right now I am working om a group of about 16 songs. Some will make the cut, some won’t. As usual, I ask you keep checking back for new songs and further updates.