“It’d be easy to write-off Marwood as just another weekend warrior with a guitar and a some audio equipment but as “Ain’t Going Back” attests, Marwood brings considerable talent to the vocal booth. As a songwriter, he reminds us of Mark Lanegan with a voice that brushes against the delivery of Townes Van Zant and Steve Forbert”

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Marwood Williams

Marwood Williams


Who I am

I am a an independent musician/songwriter based out of Seattle, WA (USA.) I do all of my recording at Tangled Wire Studio.

Who I Am (Long Version):

I am originally from Kingston, Pennsylvania.  I was fortunate to have grown up at a time when great music was everywhere. (See AC DC – Frank Zappa and everything in between.)  From my close-and-play record player to my transistor radio, music permeated my pores and touched my soul.

As a young teenager, I used to sneak a few strums on my brother in-law’s 12-string Gibson acoustic guitar.  Though I didn’t know how to play the instrument, I wrote my first song on its open strings.  A short time later, I bought my first six-string from one of my friends. It was a crappy little acoustic guitar with horrible string action that was literally covered in yellow latex paint.

latex special

Young Marwood plays  the “Latex Special”

A few months later, with the couple of hundred dollars I inherited from my great Uncle Morris, I bought my first “real” guitar.  In reality, it was a cheap Hondo II Les Paul copy..  Before too long, I added a classic Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi and old Fender Bandmaster Amp to my set up. I was in rock n’ roll Heaven.   Through the remainder of my teenage years, I spent a lot of time playing guitar, writing songs and recording with an old 4-track cassette recorder.

Fast forward to my twenties and thirties:  I was navigating the “real world” of adulthood. My songwriting well all but dried up and I my guitar playing consisted of an occasional and random chord strums for amusement.  My main creative outlet at the time was writing fiction and screenplays.  I toiled away at this for over a decade while working a series of shitty, soul sucking jobs.

Then as fate would have it, I had some major changes in my life:  I moved to Seattle  The new setting fueled my creativity and helped me go through a process of self evaluation and deconstructiion.   Through this long and sometimes painful process of soul searching, I realized I had to get back to my first love – making music.

So come and visit me in Music City.
We’ll drink all night and write songs no one will sing…

From Bobby Bare Jr.’s “Visit Me In Music City”

Over the last 15 years I have been working my way back to music.  I started writing new songs and making music with my friends. Because the technology evolved and became more accessible, I was able to get back into recording. While I felt happy with these developments, the above lyric by the always-entertaining Bobby Bare Jr., reminded me of the importance of being heard. Thus, the creation of marwoodwilliams.com.

Recording Philosophy

I am a strong enthusiast for the quality, convenience and versatility of software recording, However, I utilize an assortment of “old school” hardware as part of my recording process.  It is my hope to produce what I consider ” honest” music.”  That is music that represents an emotion or idea in a given moment in time.  That’s not to say, I’m some kind of purist who only records live and never edits or utilizes software tools. It’s more about preserving the humanity and emotion of what music is supposed to be all about. The final results I produce may or may not  convey this goal.  All I can do is “Keep Trying.”   So if you are looking for music that is overly polished with a pinch of autotune and a dash of digital sterilization, you probably won’t like my stuff.  That’s cool.  As of this writing, it’s a free country.  We are fortunate enough to live in the age of the internet, where you can find material to satisfy your musical tastes.


Software: Sonar Producer Platinum, Hardware: Focusrite Scarlett 18i6, Ramsa Mixer WR S4416, Various Compressors, Multi-FX, Microphones & Guitar Preamps. Other Instruments: 1973 Gibson ES335, 1990?s Mexi-Strat, Guild D4 Acoustic Guitar, Fender USA P-Bass, Gretsch Lap Steel, Roland RS5 Synth, and assortment of different noise-making gizmos.