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What’s Happening Update

Hello! I hope everyone is doing their best to survive the winter.

I have been busy working on new material at Tangled Wire Studio. Keep an eye out here for new releases.

In the meantime, check out my blog for an assortment of recording and music related information. See the RSS feed on the right side of the screen for list of posts.

Site Update: What’s New

Hello… I hope everyone has been having an enjoyable summer.

It has been a busy time for me. I’ve had some construction going on at Marwood Manor. Tangled Wire Studio is finally back up and running.

I also recently posted some of my original fiction on my blog. “The Sausages are Free
is a short story about LSD and Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration.

I also played guitar for the band, “Uncaged Tiger” and last week, we played some songs at Seattle’s Cafe Racer.

Uncaged Tiger at Cafe Racer

Uncaged Tiger at Cafe Racer

With Summer winding down, I have some new stuff in the works. Please continue to check back to this site for new songs and other surprises.

News Update – Check My Blog

Hello everyone.  I have been busy working in the studio.  I have some new equipment I am working with and a new batch of songs close to being finished. My web updates have been lacking because engineering, recording, writing, mixing  – takes a lot of my time and energy.  It is my hope that once I finish this batch of songs, I will have more web updates.

Besides new music, I have had some interesting folks stopping by the studio to play music. Keep watching my  Live From Tangled Wire Studio page for new songs. Live videos are also on the horizon.

If you come here and see the site not updated, please check out my blog.   There you can read about topics such as my favorite low budget mics, dearly departed gear, some of my favorite obscure recordings and a whole host of other topics.


Them Changes

Out with the Old, In with the New

Returning visitors may notice that my website looks different. I have recently changed the look and feel of the website with a new design and WordPress “Theme.” The new design gives me some added flexibility and hopefully you will find it is easier to navigate. I want to give shout out to my excellent web host NerdAtom for their assistance in this endeavor.

New Blog

Also my new blog is now live. Check out my posting about one of my favorite all-time obscure records, Spirit’s “Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.”