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3rd Song Release from “Mister Nobody”

Mister Nobody

Here’s my latest song from “Mister Nobody,” an acoustic blues number called “I’m Walking.” I have been writing songs for many years. This particular song goes back to my teenage years. (Yes it is old!)

Mister Nobody Release Begins

Mister Nobody

Today brings the arrival of my new release, “Mister Nobody” This album release will be different from my past releases. The record is still a work in progress. Over the coming weeks, I will release more individual tracks until the album is complete. Like all my releases, “Mister Nobody” is available for free download and licensed through Creative Commons. One side note: A special thanks to Noel Williams for the cover photograph and Drew Dundon for the art design.

With that, I present the 1st track, “Sleeveless Heart.” More tracks will be released very soon!