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New Song: Got To Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here

This recording was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to do a live recording with my resonator guitar using my low budget Shure mic copies GLS EL57 (Guitar mic) and GLS EL58 (Vocal mic). Technically, the recording has some flaws, but I added this track because of its stripped down “real” feeling. As usual, this is a free download.

New Cover Song: Never Say No

This track is a cover version of “Never Say No,” one of my favorite tracks from the excellent Butterfield Blues Band recording, “East West” I am excited about this track because its my first official track that uses a horn section and live full drum kit recording in Tangled Wire Studios.

I want to give a big shout out to the other musicians who participated in this recording:

Curt West: Trumpet,
Noel Williams: Alto Sax
DreddieGirl: Drums

As usual, the track is available for free download.