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New Release: Waiting for the Rain

I just uploaded my new Inkster release, “Waiting for the Rain.” All the tracks on this release are either new songs, or remixes of songs I put out recently. As usual, the songs are available for free download.
I will have more on this release in the coming days, including information about some of the recordings.

New Song: Eugene

Track Credits: Written, Recorded & Performed by Marwood Williams.
Featuring Curt West: Trumpets and Yelping

Recorded at Tangled Wire Studios, Seattle, WA

This track is a tribute song to one of my favorite places to visit – Eugene, Oregon. I would like to thank Curt West for the fine trumpet work and the enthusiastic yelps. This song, like all my music, is available for free download. Comments are always encouraged.

Updated 6/26/13 – New Mix

New Cover Song: Never Say No

This track is a cover version of “Never Say No,” one of my favorite tracks from the excellent Butterfield Blues Band recording, “East West” I am excited about this track because its my first official track that uses a horn section and live full drum kit recording in Tangled Wire Studios.

I want to give a big shout out to the other musicians who participated in this recording:

Curt West: Trumpet,
Noel Williams: Alto Sax
DreddieGirl: Drums

As usual, the track is available for free download.