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News Update – Check My Blog

Hello everyone.  I have been busy working in the studio.  I have some new equipment I am working with and a new batch of songs close to being finished. My web updates have been lacking because engineering, recording, writing, mixing  – takes a lot of my time and energy.  It is my hope that once I finish this batch of songs, I will have more web updates.

Besides new music, I have had some interesting folks stopping by the studio to play music. Keep watching my  Live From Tangled Wire Studio page for new songs. Live videos are also on the horizon.

If you come here and see the site not updated, please check out my blog.   There you can read about topics such as my favorite low budget mics, dearly departed gear, some of my favorite obscure recordings and a whole host of other topics.


Working in the Studio

Marwood in the Studio

Inside Tangled Wire Studios.

I have been busy working on new material. I have several new songs in the pipe, which will hopefully culminate with a new EP release early next year. The above image is from a recent Tangled Wire acquisition – a new webcam. After I work out some of the kinks with this new video technology (New for me, at least), I plan on releasing a series of live performance videos as part of my “Live From Tangled Wire Studios” series. I am looking forward to having some guest musicians join me on some of my live sessions. Please check back for updates!