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Site News

My web host had a meltdown last week.   Thus, I lost some of my posts.  I am in the process of restoring some of my old content and I have a couple of new songs in the works that will be posted soon.

Please check back for updates!

Sites Update

Here’s an update on what’s happening with my music and the site:


I just finished mixing 5 songs.  I have started mastering these songs and expect to post them in the next week.


I have big changes happening with Tangled Wire Studios,  the project studio where I record all my music.   I recently acquired a new Ramsa WR-S4416 mixer – a Craigslist score:


It’s an early 1990’s Japanese made mixer that will be a big step up from my current Behringer Mixer  In the next few weeks, I will be redoing my entire studio setup.   I am looking forward to rewiring everything and starting the next phase of  music production at Tangled Wire Studios.