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Good riddance 2016 – Goodbye Sweet Dreams

This Roky Erickson song seems strangely appropriate as we say goodbye to 2016 and embark on a new journey in 2017. As far as years go, 2016 was kind of sucky. We lost a lot of great artists and musicians, and here in the U.S., we had a circus election with a clown victor.

I can’t say what I expect for the coming year, but I am going to try to create some good music. I have about 15 songs I am working on. I hope to narrow it down a bit and come out with a new release before too long.

In the meantime, which is a really crazy time, take care of yourself and keep fighting!

Video: It Wasn’t Meant to Be

Here’s another video I created using public domain film footage from archive.org. This time, I used footage from some 1960’s anti-drug films.

The song, “It Wasn’t Meant to Be” was from my Detours & Byways release. It features David LaVeda on slide guitar and backing vocals. If you like the song, you can download it for free using the player below.

Video: Shop Til You Drop

I created this video using old public domain footage from the Internet Archive. I am
happy with the results and hopefully, you will enjoy it too.

The song, “Shop ‘Til You Drop” is from my last release, “Waiting for the Rain,” and is available for free download. Written and performed by Marwood Williams. Featuring Ron Carnell on Drums and percussion and Noel Williams on Back up vocals.

Working in the Studio

Marwood in the Studio

Inside Tangled Wire Studios.

I have been busy working on new material. I have several new songs in the pipe, which will hopefully culminate with a new EP release early next year. The above image is from a recent Tangled Wire acquisition – a new webcam. After I work out some of the kinks with this new video technology (New for me, at least), I plan on releasing a series of live performance videos as part of my “Live From Tangled Wire Studios” series. I am looking forward to having some guest musicians join me on some of my live sessions. Please check back for updates!