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News: Track Reissue and Other News

While there has been sparse activity on this site, behind the scenes there’s a lot of stuff happening.

I reissued my old project from 2011 “Yearly Orbital Band’s” Soundscape No.1. I uploaded a high quality wav track to my Bandcamp page. (See below.)

I also uploaded my “Live From Tangled Wire Studio” releases to Jamendo

Over the last several months, I have been working on a new batch of songs. I am not sure when the next release will be. I may release some single tracks as I figure out my final cut for my album release. In the meantime, please check back for updates and don’t hesitate contacting me

New Side Project: Yearly Orbital Band

Yearly Orbital Soundscape No.1 by Marwood Williams

Here’s some experimental music I have been working on with a side project I call “Yearly Orbital Band.”

The main “spine” of this music was a soundscape designed by Jon Behrens. I added some other elements, including guitar, bass and keys. Noel Williams plays Alto Sax.